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After the opening, the first 3 minutes and 21 seconds, receiving a pass from Booker, Monroe jumper succeeded. 9 minutes and 21 seconds, Buk appeared pass errors, was Justin – Horatio steals. 11 minutes and 28 seconds, Bender in Portimao foul, gave the Bulls a free throw. The sun played a smooth match, this section of the team completed a total of 10 assists, including one of Buk sent his teammates twice pass. This section of the sun feel quite good, the team shot 65.00% shooting, and the Bulls better than the 53.57%, of which Buk only got 7 points this section Carl Dahlstrom Adidas Jersey. The first section of the truce, the Bulls to 7-point lead into the next section Kyle Baun Adidas Jersey. Whether it’s LeBron James’s words for Nilkina Collin Delia Adidas Jersey, for the Knicks or for Phil Jackson, I’m happy to see Nilkiena daring to push LeBron James out of the race. Later, while LeBron stood in confrontation with Niriki in front of him, Canter jumped out to help Nilkina. Such things are helping to foster chemical reaction among players. Everyone saw it, and Kanter jumped out at the time and shouted LeBron so, ‘You can not do this to our young people.’ So, to see our players have such a powerful performance Anthony Louis Adidas Jersey, it is a good signal. The whole game, the Pistons most of the time in a backward state, but the last 4 minutes of the game, Reggie – Jackson to step forward, changing the game situation. The final stage of the game, he assists Drummond score consecutive baskets to help the Pistons to catch the score, but the two sides into the moment of victory, Reggie twice raid the basket, so that Pistons made the lead. The game, Reggie 11 voted 7, 3-pointers 2 vote 1, got 16 points and 8 assists data, although the data is not dazzling, but Reggie changed the game at a crucial moment.