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Essay writing is one of the most required and basic tasks in the academic world. It is through essay that the examiner at every level is able to easily evaluate the performance of the students. It is because the essay reflects the academic skills of the students, i.e. reading, structuring, researching, arguing, analyzing, and concluding abilities. The number of instructions that the students receive for essay completion are huge and are given in every subject which is why it has been observed that most of the students look for uk essay help.

The key to writing the perfect essay is to familiarize and broaden one’s knowledge of the types of essays that one can write to impress the readers.

  • Persuasive essays: If you really have the intentions to get the readers to agree with your perspective and the see the topic of discussion and writing through your eyes, then persuasive essay is the only way for you to succeed in your attempt.
  • Narrative essays: If you are an excellent storyteller and nothing is there that connects you better with the readers, then the best way for you is to get the practise of writing a narrative essay. It is the perfect way for you to narrate the story whether a fantasy or a reality.
  • Compare and contrast essays: This essay is the type that you need when you are comparing and contrasting the topics, the subjects or the authors. In simple words this is the context you need to state the similarities and dissimilarities between the two or more things.
  • Descriptive essays: This is the perfect context for the essay writing when you have to describe the events, person or actions. In this context you can go deep in describing the things the definitions of which you want toshare with the readers.
  • Expository essays: The expository essays are the kinds of essays in which you do not have to beat around the bush and tell as well as include only the facts about the subject of writing. This essay can also be seen as the way of telling news where no exaggeration or false facts of any kind are considered.