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PUBG Skins

On a technical level, PUBG Skins has always had difficulties. After a year of original Steam early access release, the game continues to get problems on Windows with regard to performance optimization, latency, rubberbanding and recently, cheating. The Xbox One version was worse, with even more performance and graphical issues, particularly on the base model. As such, I didn’t have high hopes going into the cell version but somehow it’s turned out pretty great.

In terms of visuals, PUBG Mobile looks fairly good for a cellular title. The first Windows game was never actually a looker but the cellular version retains most of the visual character of that version. We just get the first Erangel map on mobile but it is fully accomplished, meaning each of the buildings, foliage, terrain, etc. in the first game is here, just worse looking.

The cellular version now includes three tiers of visual quality, with a fourth even higher grade coming at some point later. The draw distances are also much shorter so objects load into perspective when they’re much nearer. While landing out of the PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Skins plane, the ground detail loads just like a Google Earth map loading on a slow internet connection. However, none of this looks especially bad in action.

Things do get bad when you turn the visual settings all of the way down. Shadows are completely removed, textures turn soupy, scene complexity is decreased and the overall presentation gets rather dull and flat. If you have played with the Windows version of this game, this looks like a very distant relative of this. But if you’ve never played before, it seems pretty decent for a cellular title.