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About this event:

Created by rsgoldfast

However, a familiar like Castellan is going to be raised to Maplestory Mesos 100% as it is Omega (stocks the buff effects of Legendary). People won’t like this because this will destroy the easily accessable drop rate buff the Big Spider gives. But if you want my opinion, an 80% drop speed enthusiast shoulnt be so easily accessable to begin with. I would like to encourage players to select rarer, stronger familiars. It could be bothering to no longer be able to acquire a godly drop effect effortlessly, but as I said, it would be more fair if such an effect was tougher to get and came on a more powerful comfortable.

This is my idea summed up (the minor details aren’t to cheap Maplestory 2 Mesos important). I feel like this, or something along these lines will really make familiars a more interactive and useful addition to the game. Currently just a select few familiars are used, and hardly any do even marginally good assault (especially in reboot). Thank you for reading!

To make things even more interesting I was thinking a familiars ability should be randomized, with greater grade fams getting higher tier skills at random. That way a familiar that may not have been really good can prove to be great. This would also create more diversity in what familiars are used.

But I think a randomized potential-like system would be beneficial. Poor familiars might get good, useful abilities. Though the same logic can be implemented backwards, id rather think about the positive effects it could have. Naturally people would need higher tier familiars, which are much more likely to have higher tier skills. The randomized abilities would diversify use so everybody isnt working with the specific same thing (arachnaphobia anyone?) .