The pursuit should not be Maplestory Items

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Created by rsgoldfast

Reasons why the pursuit should not be Maplestory Items repeatable and/or reset: May cause people who purchase in-game NX presents with maplestory mesos , like cubes which would be used on the badge, to be tricked by other players that are “selling” NX. These are some reasons why I believe the quest should be repeatable or reset. If you disagree or agree feel free to reply. Also in the event that you have other reasons why the quest should be repeatable, or why it should not, I’d enjoy reading your comments below!

Maplestory Big bang and your opinon of this

If it isn’t possible to resuscitate the predeccessor right away then in the very least, it should be possible to get some closure for the individual. No matter whether you loved the patch or loathed it, I would like to learn what people think.

The reason why I ask this is because I can only think of cheapest Maplestory Mesos positive things to say about Big bang except for creating Pre Big bang not playable. Maplestory went through a huge change but it wasn’t so enormous that it would make someone who really disliked the game before want to play with. (i.e. Maple nevertheless mainly remained the exact same TYPE of game) Maybe it helped with gamers who had been undecided but that was about it as much as I can tell. Particular sorts of matches aren’t going to appeal to everybody. I am not asking about what gamers think about opening a server, just for their thoughts on a previous update.