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About this event:

Created by rsgoldfast

To make things more interesting I had been thinking that a familiars ability should be randomized, with higher tier fams getting higher grade skills at random. That way a familiar that might not have been very good can turn out to be tera gold great. This would also produce more diversity in what familiars are being used.

However, I think a randomized potential-like system would be beneficial. Bad familiars could get great, helpful abilities. Though the exact same logic can be applied backwards, identification rather think about the positive effects it buy tera ps4 gold might have. Naturally people would need higher grade familiars, which are much more likely to possess higher grade abilities. The randomized abilities would diversify use so everyone isnt using the specific same item (arachnaphobia anyone?) .

Keep in mind this dosnt randomize their enthusiast. Big Spider still gives 80% fall, Eye Of Time still gives x2 Maplestory Mesos, so on etc. Only their abilities are arbitrary.

Quests give Mastery Books too late

The problem is that most of them do it in a rather large level. The worst offender is the Ghost Ship quest line, which provides Mastery Book 20, but only becomes available at 150 – ten levels after the character has their SP and ought to have all their 4th jobs abilities maxed. However, the Tynerum pursuit line that starts at 135 and gives 2 level 20 and two degree 30 novels is also very likely to be too late, and the quiet crusade awarding a degree 20 book in the end of chapter 3, at level 135, too.