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About this event:

Created by rsgoldfast

We’d also prototyped a skill codenamed “Infernal Sweep” which was a fiery subject of effect sweep assault that burst nearby corpses. Early testing showed it felt bad to use, needing to poe trade swing two to kill some enemies then again to detonate their own bodies for bigger area damage. The ability was visually spectacular, but didn’t play well unless it had been boosted in the beginning place and damage to the point where it invalidated the roles of Sweep and Infernal Blow. This skill went back to the drawing board and we’ll likely see it in future with added mechanics or without the dependence on corpses.

The article further goes into specifics about Support Stone and how layout iterates in concept to finished job. You can check it out here.

Elder Uniques

Similar to gems, a range of “elder uniques” were added in War for the poe blessed orb Atlas that may only drop from Your Elder himself. Game Designer Hrishi took some time to Go over the Cyclopean Coil, Blasphemer’s Grasp, Nebuloch, Hopeshredder, Shimmeron, Impresence and Watcher’s Eye. Each has its own distinct market in Path of Exile, both in terms of its distinctive appearance, but also in terms of what it adds to the overall player experience through attribute focus, ailment attention and a whole lot more.

[T]he special items needed to be created in this manner that made them typically helpful for a wide variety of builds, and to create a reason to keep fighting the Elder many times, or the things would feel like they had no worth.