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In a post on Steam, the group talks about how they are going to tera gold enhance the TERA Club too. They outlined the projected changes. First up, just being a part of the club will grant you some special bonuses in the forms of permanent buffs. There’s already two fans attached to players accounts, but now, they’ll get two more in the forms of a lasting Total Cystalbind, as well as getting Crafting rate increased by 50%.

It will come at a price, as the Soulbinder Keys will no longer be part of the club, however you’ll get double the Strongbox Keys, in addition to having the ability to summon some NPCs that will aid you from the game. Oh, and you’ll also get a better teleport scroll that’ll take you to an exclusive place just members can go to.

Other improvements include the items you’ll get in cheap Tera Gold Ghillieglade, the treasure in different regions will be overhauled too. All in all, it semes like those who are in the TERA club will be well off once Update 61 is published.

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