Exploring changing fashion across cultures

Our “Exploring changing fashion across cultures” project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund,and ran through the summer 2015, ending with an exhibition at the Barnfield theatre in Exeter. Working with a group of 32 people from more than 15 different countries, we visited Devon’s historic fashion heritage collections and talked about what clothing from Britain and the rest of the world can tell us about our societies and ourselves.

This page collects together writing, photos and audio recordings from the project for you to enjoy.

Click to see photos of the project, taken by Clive Chilvers of Meridian Raw.

Exploring changing fashion across cultures by Soundart_Radio on Mixcloud

Read all about it – click the links below to read participants’ stories.

Njareh, Fanta, Jane, Kit, Jackie, Vera, Tony

Yuki, Magdalena, Veron, Musarat, Sorath

Marie, Solweig, Manh, Kirill, Anthony

Click the links below to hear participants talking about fashion.

Rehab talks about the origins of the project

Njareh and Fanta discuss how they express themselves through clothing

Fanta and Njareh discuss their childhood memories of clothing and hair

Kit discusses the sarong and cultural identity

Kit recalls childhood memories of school uniform

Kit discusses generational change in dress

Kit talks about making her hanging

Musarat introduces herself

Musarat discusses how she has seen fashion change in recent years

Musarat talks about her hanging

Musarat talks about her personal style and colour preferences

Musarat talks about what we can learn from studying how fashion has changed

Musarat tells us about her favourite items

Musarat, Soumaya and Nicole talk about making dolls from grass

Tony introduces himself

Tony discusses childhood memories of clothing

Tony talks about his relationship to fashion and his personal style

Tony tells us what he thinks people can learn from the exhibition

Vera discusses her childhood memories of clothing

Vera discusses the ‘language of fashion’

Vera introduces herself

Vera talks about what she enjoyed the most about the project