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    @olivetree No problem. I’ll send her an email :-)

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    @glynjones, please contact Rosalie.Schweiker[@], they probably have other arrangements for men! I am posting this on behalf of Spacex, sorry couldn’t help much!

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    Glyn Jones

    This sounds very interesting. I’ve sadly struggled with a lack of confidence my whole life. Will there be an event for men at some point? :-)

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    Spacex would like to invite you to join a two-day workshop, which will bring together a group of women interested in finding out how they can speak up for themselves in public. The workshops will be facilitated by Josie Sutcliffe, who has many years of coaching experience and of working with people who need to be/enjoy being in the spotlight. She believes in learning through ‘serious fun’, so expect lots of laughter.

    We’re organising this workshop because confidence seems an recurring issue in our working lives. We’re self deprecating, we try to avoid panel discussions, we find it difficult to negotiate higher wages, we are uneasy about taking credit, we feel we’re not educated enough, we hide in the kitchen. And although we recognise all this, we can’t really put a finger on what’s holding us back.

    The workshop will be a small step to confront these issues. We hope that the workshop group can provide ongoing informal support for each other and enable us to have a more curious and easy attitude towards life. Rather than coaching you to “think like a man,” we’d like to explore together why there is a perceived confidence gap between the genders and how we can create playful alternatives to the dominant modes of conversation.

    The workshop dates are 22/8 from 10 – 5pm, and 13/9, 10 – 5pm.

    The workshops are free to attend, but places are limited. Food will be provided, please inform us of any dietary requirements you might have.

    We welcome female-identified people from all walks of life and of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you work in the arts or not.

    Please think about what it is you would really like to say aloud if you had the opportunity – and to whom. We will take the Spacex space to practice!

    If you would like to attend, please email Rosalie.Schweiker[@]gmail.comwith your contact details and a few lines about what you would like to get out of the workshop.

    Thanks and best wishes,

    Hannah Reeves
    Project Manager

    2.5 days
    Wednesday pm and all day Thursday and Friday

    45 Preston Street
    Exeter, EX1 1DF

    +44 (0)1392 431 786

    @spacexgallery / find us on Facebook

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