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    Tat Ruck

    I think I saw something about this on the Police facebook? Has there been any progress? @northdevonsunrise?

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    Glyn Jones

    I’m sorry to hear that you received such poor treatment from the police. I agree with @rosegander and sincerely hope that you get the follow-up you deserve.

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    Rose Gander

    I am so sorry you had this experience both from the abuser and the police. I hope you get the follow-up you deserve.

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    Daniel Stefanski

    This is really horrible experience. I wish that you were able to record that person’s behaviour on your phone and present it as proof. This should be condemned. How can you expect help from authorities when response is so lackluster. 

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    Kate Hannan

    This is a shocking account.  I do hope the person involved was able to log/report it as Tat suggested though I can understand if s/he felt it wasn’t worth it.  It is worth it though because this is unacceptable. The more people refuse to tolerate racist behaviour from anyone at all, individuals and institutions, the closer we get to eradicating it. Not easy for the victims.  We have a long way to go, unfortunately.

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    Olive Tree

    Really sorry to hear that!

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    Tat Ruck

    What a horrible ordeal – both the incident itself, and the response when you tried to report it. Can I suggest that you log/report this online at stop hate uk where there is an online reporting form. 

    Hope you are OK – I expect you know you can also contact Victim Care for support and advice, whether you want to report the incident as a crime or not. 

    I will also ask someone from D and C Police to take a look at your post, so they are aware of the local police response.


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    North Devon Sunrise

    My recent experience of racism and institutional racism 


    After I finished work at 6.00pm, I was passing through Maiden Street, Barnstaple on the way to a bus stop when a small group of young people – roughly in their 20’s – passed me. One of the boys said: “Hey nigga? You alright my nigga brother?” I didn’t respond and tried to walk past when he said: “Oh my nigga is not happy then?”


    I then said to him that it’s not nice to pick on me and be so racist. He responded: “You fucking nigga I can’t be racist because I am brown and I got curly hair. You are a fucking cunt, you fucking Paki.”


    He then came onto me and wanted to assault me, by which time some people from the nearest restaurant and takeaway came out but didn’t want to get involved. The boy constantly threatened me, sworn at me with racist words, came very close to me and tried to hit me.


    I called 999 straight away and gave police details of the incident; I put the call on speakerphone which allowed police to listen to the abuse and how aggressive the boy had become. Police told me they will be there in a few minutes.


    Because I had called the Police, the boy became more aggressive and did not go anywhere; he said he wanted to see what the “fucking police” can do to him and continued assaulting me with racist language.


    15 minutes had passed and the police didn’t arrive so I called again. They took my details and said the police are very busy in this area, and police will arrive soon but he can’t do anything more and advised me to wait or go to the nearest restaurant. I waited another 15 minutes and called again; they started taking my details again, asking me for my name, date of birth, address, postcode and how long I have been living in this country. I was then asked whether I still live at the Moghul (Indian restaurant) because my record shows that I live there. I then asked what has that got to do with it and I am a victim they should be supporting me rather than tracking down my personal history. I spent another 30 minutes on the phone while the police interrogated me.


    About an hour later, a policeman came; he saw me on the phone talking to the police, but ignored me and asked a local restaurant owner what had happened. The restaurant owner gave police a lighter – which the boy used to threaten me earlier – and said the policeman should speak to me as I called the police.


    The policeman still didn’t want to talk to me and pointed with his finger (like people do with a dog) and told me to go to his car. I asked why he didn’t want to speak to me, to which he responded asking me to “just go to his car” and again pointed me to the car with his finger. I said that I had enough and didn’t want to speak to him because I feel that he is also discriminative and extremely rude; his body language was also extremely offensive.


    The guy that had assaulted me was in the area long enough for the police to come; they would have easily been able to see how aggressive and racist he was to me, but the police failed to come on time. When I dialled 999 they were too busy taking my details and trying to track my personal data instead of supporting me. When the policeman arrived, he was more interested in speaking to the white restaurant owner about the situation and completely ignored me, while I was the victim. The policeman was in fact offensive, rude and treated me like a dog.


    I called 999 again and asked if I could make a complaint, to which they advised that I should dial 101 to make a complaint. I attempted to do this and was on hold for 55 minutes after which I gave up.

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