Racism in Devon


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    Given the ever-increasing amount of negative press about migration and Islam it isn’t a huge surprise to learn that, nationally, the number of Racist Hate Crimes reported to the police rose by 18% in 2015.

    However, over the same period in Devon, the number of Racist Hate Crimes reported to the police fell by 27% !!

    Is this because racism has become less of a problem in Devon? Has Devon successfully embraced its increasingly multicultural identity?

    Or have the figures fallen because less victims of racism are reporting the crimes to the police? Is there less trust in the police and the local authorities?

    If you can help us to find the answers, please share your response to the following questions: (if you would prefer to share your thoughts more privately, please email me directly at dave.wright@devon.gov.uk )

    1. Within the past two years, have you been the victim of a hate crime or hate incident because of your race, nationality or religion ?
    2. If you answered Yes to 1 – did you report what happened to the police?
    3. Do you think racism is a problem in Devon?

    Thanks for your help.

    Dave Wright, Devon County Council

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