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    Dave Wright

    I think that  the dominance of English grew out of the British empire and was then extended by the economic and political power of the USA. Having become the lingua franca for business and the dominant language on the internet it is set to retain its position for some time – but it won’t be forever! In another hundred years, maybe a lot less, I reckon English will have been overtaken by……….?? Chinese? Spanish?

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    Tat Ruck

    Hi Maya, i really enjoyed reading this. I think the spread of English in the past is largely down to historic power relations and patterns of colonisation. These are changing and it is quite possible that English will lose popularity in the future! I am sure Dave will have an opinion on this! And yes, I agree that English are lazy about languages – but not all of us!

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    maya boother


              communication among  humans always has been very important thanks,  to  communication we   have learnt about  science,  technology, the history of the world, the different philosophies and customs, we have traveled without any problems… it  has been possible because lots of people can speak another language apart from their own…  But why is English the universal language? is it a economic  or power reason? we can see  for example there are more people who speak  Chinese or Spanish..  …The biggest problem about  universal language is this makes   English speakers  become lazy about languages…

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