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  • Monica Gomez joined the group Group logo of English Learners’ GroupEnglish Learners’ Group 2 years, 2 months ago

    • Hello Teena, how are you? Thank you for your anwser. I am available the next wednesday after 1.00 and Friday all day. Could we meet up in a coffee shop in the city center? See you soon, Monica

    • Hi Teena.

      Yes, it is fine for me. Where would you like to meet up?

    • Hi Teena
      I think the coffee inside the library is quiet. If no we can meet in some pub around the city center. There is one, it is quiet also, in Magdalen Road, Or another one close to Sainsbury in Pinhoe. Bowling green is closer to the city center, but they don’t have coffee (I think they have tea). These are some suggestion, but I can go wherever you like.
      Yes, I would like to start this week if you want.


    • Hi Teena.
      The Pinhoe Hoard is fine for me. It is easier for us, I have car aswell. I am short, I am brown curly hair, not too long. I will be waiting for you in the front door.

      Thank you and see you then!


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