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  • North Devon Sunrise posted an update 1 year, 7 months ago

    North Devon Sunrise is delighted that councils across Northern Devon are offering a safe haven to unaccompanied and vulnerable asylum-seeking minors in response to the demolition of refugee camps in Calais.

    Children are children first and foremost. They do not choose to be refugees, and are often in desperate need of our care and protection. Many of these children arrive in Calais after long, traumatic journeys from war torn regions, having lost family, home, friends, security and identity, arriving with little else apart from the clothes on their back.

    Arriving now into the UK, this is the first time that many of these children will sleep in a warm bed with a roof over their head since fleeing their home country many months ago. We must now work together as a nation to ensure that every last child with a right to sanctuary is brought to safety. The UN declaration on the Rights of the child pledges to ensure that all children receive adequate care and protection, regardless of national borders. We are relieved that the UK government is upholding its duty to ensure that we look after these vulnerable children on our doorstep. It is a travesty of our common humanity that the situation in Calais ever arose, and one that we hope that all human life is treated with dignity, care and respect.

    At North Devon Sunrise, we are committed to celebrating human diversity and promoting equality – to supporting people of all nationalities who come to live in Northern Devon. We are doing everything that we can on a practical level to support local communities and provide services so we are able to welcome and integrate these unaccompanied children and other adults who may come to live in the region.

    For more information or comment, please contact Naomi Chunilal, Manager

    Office – 01271-328 915 or mobile – 07985-337402


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