Volunteering with the Olive Tree

Volunteer teaching roles

  • Teaching English to groups of adult learners
  • Supporting tutors by teaching 1:1 or small groups within the class

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You don’t have to have previous teaching experience (although it’s great if you do!), but you do need to have an interest in teaching and enjoy meeting people from different cultures.  

If you’d like to discuss volunteering as a teacher, please email paul@devongrapevine.co.uk or call us on 01392 666222.

For more details and to apply, please email paul@devongrapevine.co.uk.

Other volunteer support roles

  • Looking after children in the creche while parents are learning
  • Attending and supporting Devon Grapevine & Olive Tree events
  • Helping moderate the Devon Grapevine – greeting new members, and helping link new members to the help they need.  

If you’d like to discuss volunteering in one of our support roles, please call us on 01392 666222.