“We are basically selfish was a topic” for a writing at the last English class at St. Sidewll Centre.

This is what I think about selfishness.

We are basically selifsh

If someone asserted “We are basically selfish”, I would reply, “I quite agree”.

In my opinion, selfishness has many facets. It can be good or bad, according to the place assigned in the scale of values.

Unfortunately as far as I can see, selfishness has shaped our society, becoming a dominant value.

What we see everyday is an unfair world where just a few people own most of the wealth and the power, where money has become a religion and where individualism has replaced values such as solidarity, sharing and empathy.

A society where the strongest wins and the weakest succumbs.

To be a go-getter, most of the times means ploughing through arrogance, deceitfulness, duplicity.

On the other hand, I think that sometimes a bit of selfishness can be helpful.

Often we find ourselves at a turning point and we have to decide about what we really want from life.

If we were to always listen to all the advice that friends, parents, relatives give us, probably we couldn’t achieve what we really would like to be.

Sometimes we spend a lot of time trying to help others and we don’t pay attention to our needs.

Sometimes we need a selfish act, in order to achieve our happiness, because we are the only actors of change and nobody can tell us what we have to do.

Selfishness from this point of view is a good way to face the challenges without paying attention to what people think about us.

Furthermore, sometimes, some acts which could seem selfish from society’s point of view, can be altruistic or common sense to others.

For instance, nowadays, although to choose not having children is seen as a selfish act, from my point of view is instead a responsible choice.

I am rather hopeless about the future.

Because of a “bad selfishness”, we are destroying life on Earth and we are leaving to the next generation a world much worse than the one we have now.

With a view to a sad and harsh future, I prefer to live on my own and not being responsible for new life in a world with a black future.

Obviously, this is my opinion and I could be wrong.

I think that selfishness is a feature of human kind. Humans rely on it in order to achieve their goals.

Unless humankind becomes aware of its mistakes and greed, shifting its way of living towards a better one, selfishness and its consequences will be always more part of the pattern of life.

I still believe in the human smartness but from my point of view it is just a weak hope.

FRANCESCO PISTILLO 12th February 2015


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